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  • Linda K. Miller

Teaching The Unreachable

Updated: 3 days ago

By Linda K. Miller

each day you named the bricks

carried from childhood

there was Daddy brick

transparent, barely weighted

gone before you were 2

Mommy brick was beautiful

in a way no one could see but you

always there when needed

til a drunk driver lost control

a series of bricks followed

as you tumbled from nest to nest

no love matching hers

no family close enough

the gang understood

safe within their bricked-up world

you built layers of meaning

secret places lined with comfort

and then I intruded, trying to

pull you out into another world

a lawful world, quieter

but for each brick I tapped

you had an answer

every option I offered

made you laugh

behind every brick

was another wall

built of experience

it circled you so completely

you were no longer visible

high in your tower, no way out

if only you had a secret name

that I could call out so you

could let down your hair

and receive the world


Linda (Stormyfalls) lives in a world where ERA is the 28th amendment to the Constitution, Black Lives Matter, democracy thrives, climate change is taken seriously, and walls are built only to decorate not divide. Linda has two books of poetry. Her first was called Coming to be. Her second is available on Amazon: Poems to Amuse, Bemuse, and Entertain. She also has had poems published in books (A Vision, A Verse Volume 1; All-Time Favorite Poetry Book; The Poets Choice; and On Earth as it is in Poetry, 2018 Anthology) and magazines (Orchards Literary Journal, The Spoon River Quarterly, New Earth Review, Bardic Echoes, and The RTL Proxy). This year three of her poems appeared in Pandemic Evolution Days 1-100 with Matthew Wolfe.

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