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  • Jessie Lovett Allen

First Day at the Community College

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

By Jessie Lovett Allen

Classroom 131 exists

outside the normal scheme of hallway numbering in a

hidden dimension. I’m sorry,

you’re correct, using the campus map logic, 131 should be

here by my office but

it’s not. Listen, I know it feels like you

missed a meeting. You worry your

books are the wrong ones your

kids’ babysitter is going to flake your

tires are bald you’ll

disappoint your family your

laptop is too old you’re

too old maybe you’re

not meant for this

And I know you weren’t even looking for me, but hey

I love you and please

believe me, everyone else is looking for 131 too, here it is

past the brick wall,

walk with me


Jessie Lovett Allen is originally from western New York and currently teaches English at North Platte Community College in western Nebraska. Recent work appears or is forthcoming in Best Small Fictions 2022, Milk Candy Review, The Forge, NCTE English Journal, and JMWW. Twitter @jesslovettallen.

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