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Photo courtesy of Barry Zhou


John Wick, in the Classroom, explains his Pedagogy

If you were meant to be taught

you’d want to be taught

by the sound of someone


telling you they want you to keep

going. You’d want someone

who understands that movement


and silence are not mutually

exclusive, that sometimes you

can get back up after you fall


off buildings, through glass,

through ceilings. You’d want

someone who understands


pain, knows the shape of how

something hurts, the way grief

can be a weapon or


even, sometimes, a way to not

be a weapon. If you want to be

taught, you want to learn, and


learning is best done by

whatever means necessary.

Even sometimes


by hoping you never

have to learn.

By Chloe N Clark

Imagine a world in which

Imagine a world in which there are no

8 am classes, no students

Asleep in the back row, no how

Many times can I misspell

This word on the chalkboard?

A world in which the barista

Never over extracts the espresso,

I never sit in gum

On the bus, I never have to answer

Anyone who asks me a question

Even though my headphones are

In, I'm glaring straight ahead

Imagine a world where no one

Forgets the laugh

Of someone they once loved, where

Everyone we love

Knows that they are loved

And stays safe

Imagine that the emergency

Drill is just that, a drill, every

Single time

Imagine that we never learn

How to react to the worst,

That we never have to learn

Hide in the closet, block

The door, stay away from

Windows, imagine that

Out the windows, all we see

Are students walking between

Classes, stopping to tie their

Shoes, laughing, they are

Listening to music

Through their earbuds

Imagine that the songs

Are so loud


They fill the air

Until they swallow

The sky

By Chloe N Clark

Chloe N. Clark teaches at Iowa State University. She is the author of The Science of Unvanishing Objects, Your Strange Fortune, and Collective Gravities, as well as Co-EIC of Cotton Xenomorph. You can find her on Twitter @PintsNCupcakes.

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