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Photo courtesy of JJ Ying



By Donald Seahill

The student takes his seat, passes 

distracted fingers through the papers, 

selecting this, no that, before he decides 

against her and zippers the interview shut, 

wanders off.  Later she hears the workmen 

on the neighbor’s stairs cough and laugh 

and the bump bump bump of a big thing 

transported.  She surprises her cat.  It 

crouches in the past, puzzling out her 

abstract face.  Her children yawn over 

panels colored in or paper still the color 

of paper, their crayons going hush, hush.

Donald Seahill was born and raised in South Dakota and currently teaches writing at the University of California, Davis. He has published in the journal Science-Fiction Studies, and his piece on the Native American writer Zitkála-Šá appears in Breaking Boundaries: New Perspectives on Women’s Regional Fiction. Just recently he discovered he is Shakespeare’s first cousin, twelve times removed, and in dark moments he really hangs on to that.

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